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Brilliant Minds Academy is located in Fremont, CA and Dublin, CA. In Fremont, BMA is centered in a prime location, near the Mission San Jose and Irvington districts.

The Fremont center K-8th is run by Tara Ghai. The Fremont center for High School 9-12th is run by Praveen Gupta who specializes in all math and science courses.

For many years, California has ranked 49 among the 50 states in its education system. Public schools consistently fall behind when it comes to Math, Science, Reading, and Grammar.

With Brilliant Minds Academy, you can ensure that elementary and middle school students accelerate academically with tutoring in private school level math and reading comprehension.Our team includes people with immense teaching experience, as well as students who have recently graduated from Ivy League universities.


We are offering very high quality tutoring services at reasonable tuition fees. We ensure that our students perform at their highest potential.

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