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What is the benefit to using BMA over other tutoring services?

While BMA offers an advanced curriculum, we also tailor our teaching to your child’s needs. This is especially important for the level of competition there is to get into the top in the country. We believe in building a strong foundation for students in Math, Science, and English to ensure that they excel through and beyond. We hire dedicated professionals who excel at teaching concepts to ensure their student’s success both now and in the future.

What is the fee?

The fee for BMA is determined by how many classes the student decides to take, their grade level, and their subjects. Please contact us for more detailed information on fees.

How many students are in each class?

The number of students in each class is flexible determined by interest in the classes. We are able to offer both group and individual classes based on your and your child’s needs.

What curriculum do you follow?

We offer a accelerated curriculum that keeps the students ahead of the class all the time. This is especially important for elementary and middle school students because of the high level of competition. The curriculum we use, particularly in Math and English, the subjects most important for the SAT exam in focuses on building a strong foundation and proven to boost our student’s results. We strongly believe in building a strong foundation for students with our accelerated curriculum starting Kindergarten.

What are the class timings and are they flexible?

The class timings can be found under the Schedule tab on our website. The timings listed are tentative and can be adjusted to fit your needs. Again, please contact for further information. For an accurate schedule, please contact Praveen Gupta at 510-579-8948.

How many classes do students take per week?

The number of classes are based on your student’s time and needs. We can talk to you to discuss what will best fit your needs. For most courses, classes are twice a week. Each session is normally for two hours.

Is the tutoring throughout the year?

Yes, tutoring is offered year round, including the summers and during the school year. Students can participate in the summer to ensure that they are ahead of the game starting the next school year. During the school year, we can provide subject specific help to aid with exams and homework.

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