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Welcome to Brilliant Minds Academy!

“This location provides after school and tutoring”

With a large variety of offered classes, a faculty that is eager to teach, and students that create a stimulating atmosphere, Brilliant Minds Academy falls just short of academic heaven. BMA offers all levels of classes (Regular, Honors, Advanced Placement) in the Sciences and Mathematics subjects. With small class sizes and the opportunity for one-on-one help, BMA promises to make a difference in students’ academic achievements.

BMA Fremont

This location provides tutoring for all courses and to students in K – 8th.Our teachers are professionals and very highly talented and not just students or homemakers.


In addition to classes that are held for school courses, BMA also offer courses that range from both preparation courses.


The timings listed are tentative and can be adjusted to fit your needs. The number of classes are based on your student’s time and needs.


We are now open
to enroll in K to 8th


Pick up
from most schools in Fremont Available

BMA Fremont

For Elementary and Middle School Students

Following is the list of classes and activities that our students in the after school
program go through every week.






Standardized Testing

Extra curriculum activity


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